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My name is Kelsey Vande Ven. I am a registered social worker with child welfare and mental health crisis intervention experience. I have my Honours Bachelor of Social Work degree with a minor in psychology and additionally, I have completed a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy level 1 course. I have extensive experience working with children and families that are struggling with behavioural issues, parenting skills, addiction, mental health, and domestic violence. 

I believe that life has a way of testing us, in some instances at our most vulnerable times. As adults, balancing work, life and potentially children, there can be little time to focus on ourselves and what our bodies need. I incorporate a holistic approach in my practice that encompasses social, physical and emotional aspects that impact our overall well-being and how we show up in our relationships with others. I promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle to ensure mental health can be maintained long-term. I enjoy providing collaborative care and support to develop coping skills, emotion regulation strategies, and communication techniques. I believe with these skills, it builds a strong foundation for resiliency in future endeavours. 

I look forward to working alongside you and your family.

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